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Carpet cleaning the right way

Often the only time we will consider getting our carpets professionally steam cleaned is when we vacate a property, and are literally forced to by the property managers. Well I think regular cleaning of the carpets has so many benefits we should be doing it at least once a year.

I came across this article which lists 10 very good reasons, and I could probably add a few more in there myself. Often a bond cleaning company will take care of this for you if you employ them to clean your property at the end of your lease term. It doesn’t cost too much extra and having nice fresh smelling carpets makes all the difference for any new tennants.

​10 Reasons Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning

We all like to keep a tidy and clean home but sometimes it’s the bigger cleaning jobs that get overlooked and having your carpets thoroughly cleaned is one of these jobs. If it’s been a while since you’ve deep cleaned your carpets then maybe it’s time to reconsider – read the following reasons to find out why.

stained carpet

1. Longevity: did you know that by having your carpets professionally cleaned can extend the life of your carpets? Their durability will last longer if they are kept clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

2. Allergens: you can limit the amount of allergens and dust when your soft flooring has been thoroughly cleaned. Allergens can pose a serious health risk, particularly to children, so ensure you minimise the potential affects.

Professional Cleaners – Why Use Them?

cleaning-professionalHiring a professional cleaning service can certainly incur a cost so is it really worth the investment? Or can you simply get by yourself by just doing a home job on the weekend? I have to say that my personal opinion is

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The Three Things To Know About Residential Cleaning Services


It can certainly be a contentious issue whether to employ the services of a professional bond cleaner on the Sunshine Coast or just get on with it yourself. There are the costs to consider of course, but also the time savings should not be overlooked. Someone who has all the correct cleaning products will undoubtedly be quicker than someone with no cleaning experience.

Bond Cleaning Advice

Bond cleaningCleaning your own carpets may be something you have considered previously but how well could you actually do it? Do you have the correct equipment for that deep steam clean, or the correct chemicals to remove those stubborn stains?

Whenever we perform any bond cleaning Brisbane and are asked to clean the carpets, only the best professional equipment will do. Getting that bond refunded is paramount, so the steam cleaning has to be first rate.

This article was quite interesting if you are seeking the services of professional carpet cleaners.

Finding professional carpet cleaners | Carpet Cleaner For You

Of course, many people feel that cleaning a carpet is a job that can easily be done at home, the process of cleaning that a professional has is far superior to anything else. There are several carpet cleaners . . .

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For those that are put off by professional cleaning prices, this video may just about get you through your end of lease cleaning inspection. Hopefully your cleaning bond will be refunded, but those rental agents can be very pedantic.

How to Clean Your House Like a Professional
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Find the right cleaner


Cleaning your carpets is not a job any of us looks forward to, so outsourcing this task is the normal reaction for most people. Finding a professional cleaner that will do a good job and not take you for a ride is paramount these days with so many ‘cowboy’ tradesmen around.

I found this article interesting and informative on this subject.

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Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Service For Your Needs

Stained carpets are ugly and often don’t smell great. It’s even worse when you try to get rid of the stains and have no luck with other methods. This is why you need to call in professional carpet cleaners. These tips should serve you well as you look for carpet cleaning options.

When vacuuming, make things easier for yourself by sectioning off the room. This will let you see where you have vacuumed so you don’t waste time. If your room is square, make the room into four quadrants for more efficient cleaning.

When you clean your carpet, don’t use an excess of heat. If you have a delicate fiber or lots of vivid colors in your carpet, these can be ruined. They can easily remove stains from these delicate floors.

Beware of carpet cleaning businesses who are soliciting business over the phone, or who charge by the room. Not all rooms are the same size. Pricing should depend on the square footage of the room, not the number of rooms.

Before a carpet-cleaning company uses a solution on your carpet, they should test it out on a small component of your carpet that won’t be noticed. This will prevent your carpet from being damaged. Doing this sort of test is quick, and can save lots of hassle and expense.

When your carpet cleaning is complete, ask the company who performed the task for recommendations. Many will tell you how often you must vacuum, the drying times, the best stain removers, and other options for future issues. This advice will allow you to save money on future cleanings.

Consider using a professional carpet cleaning service if you have tough stains. Professionals use better techniques to get the stains out of your carpet. They have the ability to succeed without causing harm to your rugs, which ultimately saves you money and time.

Ask about the screening process that the company does for their employees. You don’t want any convicted felons entering your home. Reputable companies do a complete background check and will inform you of this. If a company cannot provide this, look for someone else.

It is important to have your own cleaning products to deal with bad spills. Don’t use any stain removers just before the professional arrives to clean your carpet, though. You can apply this without rubbing, and let it sit around five minutes. The spray should be done in a clockwise approach for the best results.

Car Wash Systems

Daimer-Super-Max-9000Car detailing is a growing sector within the commercial cleaning industry. A lot of people these days are very attached to their vehicles, and are prepared to spend good money on ensuring they look their best, both inside and out. My partner recently spent over $200 on a detailed clean of her car, and she considered it money well spent.

Equipment for professional car cleaners has been limited up to now but this new system looks to have raised the bar in car washing equipment.

Daimer Ships Powerful Mobile Car Wash Systems for Car Detailing Businesses

Daimer Ships Powerful Mobile Car Wash Systems for Car Detailing Businesses Environmental Expert (press release) Unfortunately, many car detailers often lack the right cleaning equipment and techniques,” says the spokesperson at Daimer Industries, Inc.®, Matthew Baratta. … The machines are capable of handling virtually all types of commercial cleaning applications.

This is the other end of the spectrum, high end commercial car cleaning on a big scale.


Express Car Wash Tunnel – with Christ Hybrid Technique.

Portable carpet cleaners

When considering professional carpet cleaning equipment it is always best to do thorough research. Portable units are much cheaper than their truck mount equivalents, but you do lose some power. The Deron is a nice unit and is competitive in the lower end of the market.

Deron Mytee M5 Special Carpet Cleaning Portable

Mytee portable carpet cleaning machine displayed and reviewed.

Robotic cleaners on the way

So hands up who hates cleaning. If you fall into this category then this is certainly for you. A robotic cleaner is set to revolutionise the domestic cleaning market.

On a broader note, how would this affect the domestic cleaning industry? Will home owners no longer have  aneed to employ professional cleaners?

We live in interesting times . . .

Robotic Clean – Yanko Design

Robotic Clean. The one place I’d like to see robots do their thing is in the domestic space. The Mab is a concept in this direction and looks at giving home space a robotic clean look. Essentially it is an automated cleaning